Companies looking for capital to support their growth have multiple choices of funding partners.  A key group of the lender population is private debt funds.  Part of the so-called alternative lender community, private debt funds have grown significantly in recent years, both in number and amount of capital raised.  Private debt funds focus on investment opportunities that have one or more of a number of key characteristics:

  • Storied credits that need a deeper understanding
  • Businesses looking to arrange private debt facilities that can grow over time, supporting the development of companies through, for example, buy-and-build acquisitions
  • Companies seeking to borrow more than typically comfortable for high street banks
  • Companies that want to borrow from one party as opposed to a club of lenders or broader distributed facility, which should simplify post-completion management and provide greater flexibility

Private debt funds are expert at understanding the business case for companies, stretching the envelop for borrowers in whose business case they build strong conviction.

Having borrowed from 70 different lenders across Europe, MDW Capital’s team has strong relations with all of the leading private debt firms.