Private Equity Fundraising and Investor Relations Advisory


MDW Capital has deep experience of leading all aspects of private equity fundraising and investor relations:

  • Over 175 LP relationships across Europe, the US and Middle East
  • Direct experience of leading a firm’s Private Equity Investor Relations strategy and programme
    • Investor engagement and relationship management for all LPs
    • Leadership for information flow policy and decision-making
    • Designing the content for and preparing investor meeting materials, valuations and AGM material
    • Designing and leading the strategy and planning for Private Equity Fundraisings
    • Preparing all private equity fundraising marketing materials
    • Training all members of a firm for a private equity fundraising and investor relations engagements
    • Preparing team members and materials for onsite due diligence meetings during private equity fundraisings
    • Leading a firm’s ESG policy development, engagement and approach – within the firm and across the entire portfolio
  • Managing all LP engagement and “knowing your customer” activities
    • Building long-term relationships to secure commitments from new LPs in a private equity fundraising
    • Leading negotiations with all investors
    • Introducing and securing investment in a private equity fundraising from “blue-chip” LPs, including US State pension funds and endowments, global-programme family offices, European and Middle Eastern sovereign wealth funds, market-leading fund-of-funds and US/European consultant-advised capital
  • Building and leading a co-investment programme, completing co-investments with LPs in Europe and the US